C++ Software Engineer

Hamburg, Germany

Tenzir is seeking a very talented and collaborative person to help build the backend for disruptive cybersecurity products. We are creating a modern distributed system on top of a high-performance message passing architecture. Each of Tenzir's two co-founders have over ten years of in-depth experience with C++. We operate a modern code base and focus on quality-oriented reviews. (If you would like to get an impression of what our standards are: we are the creators and maintainers of VAST and CAF.)

Role & Responsibilities

As a key contributor to our technology, you will participate in the entire process from translating user needs into designs and then implement them as working code. In particular:

  • Design, prototype, develop, and evaluate abstractions in a cutting-edge C++17 code base
  • Create scalable and composable interfaces in a high-performance mesage passing environment
  • Tune and enhance data structures to accelerate search queries on massive amounts of data
  • Contribute to an open and constructive review culture in an agile development setting


  • Contact Details
  • C++
  • Profile
    Computer architecture (e.g., caches, memory hierarchy, I/O)
    Big Data (e.g., MapReduce, Streaming, MQ brokers)
    Network security (e.g., monitoring, incident response, threat hunting)
    Machine learning (e.g., clustering, neural nets, deep learning, RL)
    Scalable databases (e.g., column, time-series, graph, key-value stores)
    Search engine technology (e.g., Lucene, Elastic, Solr)
    Virtualization (e.g., VMware, Docker, bhyve, Kubernetes)
    Cloud frameworks (e.g., AWS, AppEngine, Azure)
    System administration / DevOps (e.g., servers, Puppet)
    UNIX toolchain (e.g., bash/zsh/*sh, tmux, ssh, vim/emacs)
    POSIX programming (e.g., shared memory, pipes, asynchronous I/O)
    Distributed systems programming (e.g., actor model, lambda calculus)
    GPU programming (e.g., OpenCL, CUDA)
    Version control (e.g., git, mercurial, svn)
    Continuous integration (e.g., Jenkins, Travis, gitlab)
    Agile development process
    Scripting language (e.g., Python, Ruby)
    English (spoken and written)
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