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Community Edition

For home labbers, researchers, and curious data hackers.

1 managed node
Up to 500 GB/day
Unlimited pipelines
Community Support

Professional Edition

For consultants, small businesses, and self-serve needs.

3 nodes
Up to 5 TB/day
Multi-node pipelines
5×8 Support

Enterprise Edition

For enterprises, system integrators, and value-added resellers.

Unlimited nodes
Unlimited TB/day
External Auth
24×7 Support & SLAs

Sovereign Edition

For on-prem needs, service providers, and OEM solutions.

On-premise Platform
Dedicated Support
Seat at the Table

Deployment options

Tenzir is the fabric that connects security, and can be deployed wherever security data is created and collected. In the cloud, on the network edge, on premises, or a mix of everything, Tenzir has an option that will work. Deployment options can be combined to adapt to even the most complex environments.


The quick and easy option for most users. Configure, deploy, and manage nodes. Develop, and maintain and monitor data pipelines—all from a single, centralized, web portal without any management overheads.


Spin up your own Tenzir control plane. Host your own instance of Tenzir on AWS or GCP. For users who have data residency or segregation requirements, or want to offer a service with their own service levels.


The world is hybrid and most organizations manage both cloud and on-premises environments. Tenzir will run on a physical linux server, in a virtual machine running on a hypervisor, or serverless in a docker container.