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Dramatically Reduce Detection & Response Time

Complex attacks can take months until they are detected. Can you quickly answer the critical questions?

  • When did the attackers break in?
  • How did they exploit our systems?
  • Which accounts did they compromise?
  • What sensitive data did they exfiltrate?
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that liberates your SOC

Standard SIEM
Poor ingestion performance
Inefficient data export
Data silo behavior
High-throughput ingestion
Unified and type-rich data model
Native analytics integration

where Tenzir shines

Incident Response

When it comes to debugging an incident, time is of critical value. Tenzir enables security experts to quickly locate all relevant activity pertaining to an attack. Pivoting from logs to packet captures in a unified platform dramatically boosts analyst productivity.
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Automated Threat Hunting

Our Robo Investigator autonomously performs the work of human analysts tasks, but is on duty 24/7. By correlating data from the Internet threat landscape with historical data in real time, we can instantly find out whether a complex attack began long before it would have traditionally been found.

See how Tenzir automates key analyst workflows

Complex Analysis

Tenzir seamlessly integrates with modern analytics frameworks, such as Apache Spark, R, or Python/Pandas. This makes it possible to stream historical and live data to complex procedures, like clustering algorithms, neural networks, or stochastic models.
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