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Open source data pipelines for security teams

Tenzir lets security teams quickly create powerful data pipelines out of plug-and-play building blocks.

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Less is more with Tenzir

Less cost, more data

Tenzir lets you slash consumption-based data costs by moving only the right data to the right place, at the right time. Curb your SIEM, cloud, and data costs.

Less data wrangling, more threat hunting

Tenzir makes it easy to collect, shape, enrich, and route data between any security and data solution using a rich set of data types and security-native operators purpose-built for security use cases.

Less lock-in, more freedom

Tenzir is an open-core platform built on open standards like Arrow and Parquet. Mix and match the best security solutions and take your data with you wherever you go—limitless and effortless.

Tenzir covers the entire SecDataOps lifecycle

Tenzir is the simplest way to acquire data from any source and process it in an open format—in motion and at rest. Decouple data collection from SIEM to build downstream analytics sustainably.

Create any security architecture

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A Tenzir architecture consists of a network of pipelines and storage hosted by multiple nodes

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Tenzir nodes are versatile, and act as data collectors, data processors and data storage

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A Tenzir node can even act as fleet manager to manage groups of nodes

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Nodes run on physical hardware, virtual machines, as containers, and in the cloud

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Interconnecting nodes create a data fabric

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Data fabrics can be adapted to support any security use case

Open XDR

Want to build a truly open XDR? Tenzir integrates with leading open-source network detection and response solutions including Zeek and Suricata, and threat intelligence platforms including MISP.

Data Science for Threat Hunting

Using Jupyter notebooks to develop analytics? Tenzir comes with a Python library and supports common data formats including Parquet and Arrow, making it easy to integrate with your existing data science workbench.

SIEM + Security Data Lake

Running a data lake alongside your SIEM? Tenzir lets you control that the right data—and only the right data—flows to the right tool, so you get the most out of your SIEM, data, and cloud budgets.

Operators, connectors, formats

Connect the whole world of Security and Data

Tenzir’s growing list of integrations and connectors makes adding new data sources and sinks a plug-and-play experience. A huge toolbox special purpose data operators speeds up creating dataflows for typical security use-cases.

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Tenzir solves hard security data problems

Empower your security team to work with data

Tenzir is easy to deploy, use, and manage even without dedicated data engineering resources. Connect any security solution like Zeek or Suricata with a growing toolbox of specialized security-native pipeline operators. Implement detection and response use cases using just a few simple building blocks.

Make Security DataOps Plug-and-Play

Tenzir redefines the way security tools interact by using a federated network of data pipelines instead of creating centralized silos. Allow data to move between tools when needed. Unlock key use cases, like automated threat intelligence distribution, fusing data streams to detect attacks, or contextualizing and triaging alerts.

Own your data, control your destiny, avoid vendor lock-in.

Tenzir is built using open standards for data in motion and data rest, such as Apache Arrow and Parquet. Slot Tenzir seamlessly into any existing data environment. Retain full ownership and processing freedom of your security data. Never again suffer vendor lock-in of your data.

Stop data costs eating your security budget

Tenzir streamlines data management and analysis to help organizations achieve massive savings on cloud compute, data storage and SIEM licensing costs. Distribute data storage and processing across the entire data fabric. Filter, deduplicate, and compact data on the edge.

Tenzir empowered us to create a federated security operations architecture that allows us to focus on content and people instead of technology. This has provided our organization with the necessary capability and flexibility to support new features, growth and expansion.

—Dr. Andreas Rohr, Managing Director, DCSO

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