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Network Forensics



Dramatically Reduce Detection & Response Time

Complex attacks can take months until they are detected. Can you quickly answer the critical questions during an incident?

  • When did the attackers break in?
  • How did they exploit our systems?
  • Which accounts did they compromise?
  • What sensitive data did they exfiltrate?

Use Cases

Where Tenzir shines

Incident Response

When it comes to debugging an incident, time is of critical value. Tenzir enables analysts to quickly locate all relevant activity pertaining to an attack. Unified correlation of all EDR and NDR data in a single platform dramatically boosts analyst productivity.

Time-Optimal Detection

In combination with threat intelligence data, we achieve an optimal mean time to detection (MTTD) using a unique matching approach. Our system detects threats both in realtime and in retrospect, covering the past and present. Don't you want to know immediately if you are affected?

Contextual Analysis

Our unified data model makes it possible to generate actionable context for all telemetry sources. Full-spectrum correlation from raw network traffic to endpoint agent logs enable analysts to make meaningful decisions quickly. Asset tracking, behavior profiling, API-based enrichtment—how do you pivot?


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