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What is SecDataOps?

One simple principle: Dataflows as Pipelines

Tenzir follows a simple philosophy: composable dataflow pipelines. Anyone can easily create powerful pipelines by chaining together operators, similar to Unix pipes or Powershell commands, with the difference that our operators are specially designed for security data operations use cases. You can unify dataflows by combining pipelines and build intricate security stacks that connect to the whole universe of security and data tools.

Illustration of a dataflow pipeline

Real Security Data Operations

Go security-native so nothing gets lost in translation

Modern security operation teams have high data demands, but get hit by the overheads of repurposing generic tools for security. Tenzir provides native operators and capabilities designed to speed up security use cases and make it easy for security users to work bottom-up with their own data.

Add context that matters

Easily enrich event and alert data to add user, asset, or other relevant context using simple operators inserted into any pipeline.

Illustration for enrichment