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Our mission at Tenzir is to make security data easy. We are fundamentally changing the way that cybersecurity operations infrastructure is built and operated. Our vision is to give security teams control over their own data and to free them from vendor lock-in through a fabric of powerful and efficient security data pipelines. Our commitment is to foster collaboration, open standards, and an open platform to ensure freedom and control for organizations to shape their own security future. We want to make working with security data easy and affordable, so that security teams can focus on what matters most—hunting threats and safeguarding their digital environments.


Matthias Vallentin, PhD

Matthias Vallentin, PhD

Founder & CEO

Matthias is the mastermind behind Tenzir. After completing his PhD and postdoc at UC Berkeley, he brings the Californian spirit and driven work culture right into the heart of Hamburg. His dissertation work, the open-source platform VAST, lays the foundation stone for Tenzir. When not coordinating the top-notch team, he seeks outdoor adventures with his family.

Julia Vallentin

Julia Vallentin


Julia is Tenzir's in-house counsel and responsible for the contractual relationships with customers and clients. In addition, she advises on all questions of the operational business. Before joining Tenzir, Julia was an Associate in an international law firm, focusing on IP, antitrust and IT law. Outside of the office, Julia spends time with her family and indulges in the art and cultural scene of Hamburg.

Oliver Rochford

Oliver Rochford

Chief Futurist

Oliver is Chief Futurist at Tenzir, with 20 years of experience in cybersecurity and data science. He has served as a penetration tester, consultant, researcher, and analyst, contributing to Securityweek and CSO Online. At Gartner, he co-named the SOAR market, worked on the SIEM Magic Quadrant, and analyzed the European MSSP Market.


Respecting Privacy

Our mission is to significantly speed up the investigation process after cyber attacks by means of automated analyses. In an IT-world of understaffing, talent shortage, and alert overload, it is a daunting task to keep a large infrastructure secure. We bring together longstanding expertise in security, software engineering, and data science to develop a solution that extracts meaningful signals from the noise and translates them into actionable insight.


Our engineering is to a great extent transparent as we are putting a strong focus on open-source software and community engagement: our network telemetry engine VAST is an open-core model. That means, the source code is freely available under a permissive license, with commercial plugins being a strict superset. Threat Bus is also open-source and features a plugin-based architecture. We are proud to share our code because we have the highest code quality standards and cultivate an effective agile development process.


Despite our love for data and inference, we draw the line when our technology should be deployed for surveillance, violations of privacy, or any other forms of unlawful or unethical behavior. Our contribution is to make attacks less impactful, not help in conducting them. We want to share with the community our learnings and contribute to the ecosystem so that everyone can effectively deploy our technology to defend against today’s threats.