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High-volume Ingestion
Archive and index all your security-relevant network activity.

Tenzir ingests all your high-volume streams of security-relevant network activity, creates purpose-built indexes, and archives the raw data in a space-efficient way. Relay your PCAPs, NetFlow records, network monitor logs, or arbitrary structured data to our platform for instant analysis.

Interactive Search
Query your data lake with sub-second latency.

Tenzir's multi-level indexing gives you instant results at your fingertips, across your entire data lake. Our purpose-built data model and query language enable security analysts to spend their time where it matters: analzying incidents.

Flexible Export
You are in control: ASCII, CSV, JSON, PCAP. Share with Spark, R, or Python.

You are in full control. Need more than ASCII, CSV, JSON output? Built-in pivot-to-PCAP gets you to the ground truth. If that doesn't suffice, native integration with the big data ecosystem (R, Apache Spark, Python/Pandas) allows security analysts to perform arbitrarily complex computation.

Retrospective Analysis
Detect complex attacks through real-time correlation of threat intelligence with historical data.

Tenzir's Robo Investigator automatically correlates the Internet threat landscape with historical data from your network. By translating indicators from threat intelligence into structured queries, we can detect complex attacks in the earliest stage.

High Scalability
Too much data? Simply add more machines to your deployment.

Tenzir uses all available cores to parse, index, and query data. Once you exceed the resources of single machine, simply add more nodes to the system to continue scaling linearly with the your hardware.

Fair Pricing
Predictable costs: we charge by company size, not by data volume.

We don't punish you for wanting to store as much data as possible. Quite the opposite. We want you to keep as much as possible without having to worry about fluctuating bills. Workloads can change within seconds—your budget cannot. Our attractive flat fee pricing model enables predictable cost of ownership.

much more than a standard SIEM

Rich data model
Type-specific query operations
High-throughput ingestion
Native access with Big-Data Tools
Pivot to PCAP